Foreclosure and Trustee Services

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At JacksonWhite we have qualified and experienced Arizona foreclosure attorneys who focus their practice on foreclosure and trustee services. During the foreclosure process, the stakes are high for everybody involved. Whether you are a borrower trying to avoid default, a buyer trying to acquire an affordable place to live, or a lender looking for efficiencies, it is important to speak with someone knowledgeable about Arizona foreclosures to help guide you through the process.

The Foreclosure Process

With every foreclosure, there are contingencies and unexpected events that can arise. Consequently, even informed borrowers, buyers, sellers and lenders many times feel unqualified to make important decisions necessary to successfully navigate through the foreclosure process. Our foreclosure attorneys understand foreclosure from every angle and can provide sound advice and effective representation throughout the process; from before default, to after the Trustee’s Sale.

Why should I hire a foreclosure attorney?

For borrowers, sometimes recruiting a foreclosure attorney makes the difference between walking away empty handed and remaining in their home. Likewise, for buyers, a foreclosure attorney might make the difference between acquiring a great home at a great price, and losing the home to a higher bidder. And, lastly, for lenders, appointing a foreclosure attorney as Trustee can provide confidence that the Trustee’s Sale will move forward effectively and efficiently.

Foreclosure & Trustee Services

JacksonWhite has highly experienced attorneys who can assist you with the following foreclosure and trustee matters:

  • Title Litigation
  • Foreclosure Process Advisement
  • Request for Bankruptcy Relief
  • Background Title Work
  • Bidding & Purchasing
  • Fair Market Hearings
  • Determinations of Post Sell Possession/Eviction
  • Loan Modifications
  • Settlement Agreements
  • Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure
  • Bankruptcy Representation

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