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Steven J. Laureanti – IP Attorney & Team Leader

StevenJacksonWhite’s experienced intellectual property attorney, Steven J. Laureanti, practices in all aspects of intellectual property law including preparing and prosecuting utility and design patent applications worldwide. With these skills, he is able to counsel clients in intellectual property matters, including the preparation and prosecution of patent applications, registration of trademarks and copyrights, and the protection of trade secrets. In addition, he guides clients on the selection, strength, and registrability of trademarks and service marks.

 Along with counseling, Steven performs intellectual property audits involving a comprehensive review of the client’s intellectual property assets and the role of each asset in the company’s business.  He provides intellectual property portfolio management, legal opinions, and conducts patent due diligence for business mergers, financing, licensing, or litigation matters.  Furthermore, he supplies due diligence for merger and acquisition firms, investment bankers, venture capitalists and other financial institutions.  Steven has experience in offensive and defensive patent reexamination and offers non-infringement and invalidity opinions, advice on patentability, and freedom to operate.  Steven advises clients on the registration, licensing, sale and protection of their creations.  He is experienced in recommending and implementing strategies to identify and safeguard client’s trade secrets.  He has a broad base of technical experience which includes expertise in semiconductors, software, wireless networks and devices, computers, broadband networks, medical devices, healthcare fields, pharmaceutical industry, hardware and manufacturing. Learn more by visiting his bio page.

Steven and his team will provide you with the direction, answers and advice you need to make sure that every aspect of your innovation or work is protected.

David L. Weed – IP Attorney

David.Weed.HeadshotDave focuses his intellectual property practice on business matters related to recruiting or hiring individuals or groups of employees. These issues can include restricting covenants in employment, consulting, bonus, option or separation agreements, and stand-alone non-competition, non-solicitation, and non-disclosure agreements. He prepares intellectual property documents related to inventions, patents, and patent applications, in addition to having knowledge on intellectual property issues arising in corporate transactions. Dave is also experienced in negotiating and preparing a wide variety of agreements related to the copyrighted works of development, distribution, or license agreements. He is competent in representing clients in transactions involving the grant of security interests in licenses, leases, or the purchase or sale of copyrighted works.

Ryan K. Hodges – IP Attorney

Ryan.Hodges.HeadShotRyan focuses his intellectual property practice on representing clients in transactions involving the grant of security interests in inventions, patents, and patent applications, as well as the assignment, purchase, or sale of intellectual property assets.  He represents clients in opposition or cancellation proceedings before the U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board, and has the ability to prepare, file, and amend U.S. trademark applications and prepare and prosecute U.S., PCT, and foreign patent applications.  Ryan focuses on negotiating and licensing intellectual property assets and has experience representing clients through accelerated patent prosecutions including Track One Prioritized Examination, interference or reexamination proceedings before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and proceedings before the Copyright Office and U.S. Customs agencies.

David Banko – IP Attorney

David.Banko.1David focuses on drafting and prosecuting both domestic and foreign utility and design patent applications while also preparing continuation, divisional, & continuation-in-part applications. He assists in the management of U.S. and international patent portfolios and is experienced in handling due diligence analyses and U.S. and foreign patent portfolio strategy and management. David also assists in all phases of patent prosecution including the preparation of patent applications, ex parte prosecution, ex parte appeals before patent trials, appeals board, and due diligence.

Haley B. Stapley – Paralegal

Haley.Barnes.HeadshotHaley works with Steven J. Laureanti and the intellectual property team.  Haley assists with the preparation and filing of recordation of assignments, security interests, corporate mergers, and entity changes.  She is also able to review documents for completeness and accuracy before legalizing them as required.  Haley provides support for filing U.S. and international patent and trademark applications and maintenance fee payment processing.  Being a foreign associate liaison, Haley is able to provide support for patent, trademark, and copyright needs of clients outside the United States through a global network of foreign associates. She facilitates analyses of reports and documents from foreign associates to verify data accuracy, process, and docket all incoming actions from the USPTO and foreign associates. Her other responsibilities include managing and filing Information Disclosure Statements, patent proofreading, verification of the claim set, preparing and filing certificates of corrections,  reviewing file history to verify registration data and chain of title,  obtaining documents, and recording mergers and name and address changes.

Allison P. Laureanti – Legal Assistant

Allie.Laureanti.Edited (2)Allison supports the intellectual property team with the maintenance of patents and trademarks after grant and registration.  She also assists in document support for the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications.  Allison assists in the management and distribution of maintenance fees, annuity fees, and renewal fee notices. She offers support in the area of formal document preparation by managing Statement of Use and Extension Request deadlines, reviewing potential specimen materials, preparing documents, and ensuring timely filings. Her other responsibilities include new client transferred-in file management, renewals, maintenance filings, and revocation and new powers of attorney.

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