How to Stop Wage Garnishment in Arizona

UPDATED: August 2013

Many people in Arizona are struggling to pay their bills right now.  And when it comes down to feeding your family or paying the credit card bill, many choose to feed their family.  However, as is usually the case, once the credit card company goes long enough without payment, they will take you to court.  This allows them to get a judgment and begin garnishing wages or bank accounts.

If it was hard to feed your family before, it is even harder to do so when upwards of 25% of your paycheck is being taken away, or when you get a notice in the mail that your bank account has been drained.  In these instances, you need a quick solution.

Steps to Take During Wage Garnishment

First, it is important to determine whether the source of your income is garnishable.  For example, if your income is from unemployment or social security, your money is protected and you can get the creditor to stop the garnishment and possibly even return the funds.

Of course, the easiest way to stop the garnishment is by paying the bill.  However, you may not have the means to do so.  If you have enough means to enter a settlement for less than what you owe and the creditor is amenable, this could provide meaningful relief.

Get the Financial Relief You Need

If none of these options are available to you then you may want to consider filing bankruptcy. An experienced Arizona bankruptcy attorney can help answer your questions about a garnishment or bankruptcy.

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