The Social Security Disability Application Process in Arizona

The Social Security disability benefits application process is rigorous, and the majority of applicants are denied during the first stage of the application process.

Hiring a Social Security disability attorney can help improve your chances of getting approved early on. A disability lawyer will know how the application process works and will be able to help you fill out the paperwork in a way that could increase your chances of being approved.

Getting Approval After Being Denied

Even if your application is denied in the beginning, there are still plenty of chances to get approved. The next stage in the application process is called, “Claim Reconsideration.”

The staff over at the Social Security office isn’t likely to change their mind when they see your application a second time, so chances are you’ll get denied again.

Don’t worry though, this is expected. The next step in this process is called, “ALJ Disability Hearing.” This is when an administrative law judge from the Office of Appeals will hear your case.

The Disability Hearing Process

This is your chance to plead your case in person instead of being a name on a piece of paper. Even at this stage, very few applicants win their cases. This is because applicants don’t hire a Social Security benefits attorney. By hiring an Arizona SSD lawyer, your chances of winning the case increase greatly.

If the administrative law judge denies your disability claim, your Social Security disability attorney can appeal it to the Appeals Council on your behalf. At this point, the Appeals Council will review the administrative law judge’s decision to look for any procedural errors. At this point, your SSD attorney can submit new evidence for consideration.

Worst case scenario, the court upholds the previous decision. At this stage in the process we can appeal the case to the Federal Court and try to get the decision overturned. If the case doesn’t get approved at this level, there is the U.S. Supreme Court, but this option is not recommended.

The Supreme Court chooses the cases they want to hear, so the recommended path is to start over and submit a new application.

SSD Benefits Application Timeline

You’re able to hire a Social Security disability attorney at any stage during this process, or you can represent yourself throughout this campaign. It’s probably better for applicants to hire an SSD lawyer right at the start. This can help your initial application get approved at the beginning.

The total process can take up to a year, and even then, you still may not be approved. Once you are approved, you won’t receive benefits until 5 months after your approval date.

Improve Your Chances of Benefits Approval

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