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JacksonWhite Law provides comprehensive services in all areas of Real Estate law. Now ranked among the largest and most productive firms in Phoenix’s East Valley, JacksonWhite has established a statewide practice serving all aspects of property owners and real estate professionals.

Our skilled team works together to support clients in all Real Estate Law needs – from eminent domain to short sales and much more. Please see our practice areas of more information.

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Real Estate Law Services


Real estate transactions are governed by a number of federal and state regulations. From advertising to commissions to foreclosures, there are specific laws that dictate what can be done, when it can be done, and who can do it. In addition to specific real estate law, these transactions also implicate contract and property law. The complex nature of real estate law requires a firm understanding of its legal and social issues. Well-versed real estate attorneys can provide assistance in a variety of situations and ensure that the transaction is valid.


Realtors are governed by real estate law, contract and property law, and professional regulations. Remaining current on any changes in the law is imperative to represent clients adequately and reduce liability. Since the housing-market crash of 2008, there have been a number of changes to the laws that regulate the real estate market and there are even more in the pipeline. A real estate attorney can provide assistance in interpreting and complying with any current and proposed legislation that affects realtors and their businesses.

Home Owners

Homeowners, especially when they sell their home themselves, are also expected to comply with the various legal standards governing real estate. Although the housing-market crash of 2008 inspired a number of individuals to buy and sell real estate without an agent, the law has not relaxed its requirements of disclosure, fair dealing, and other standards. In addition, a homeowner has specific rights in relation to real estate agents, brokers, mortgage companies, and the government. In 2009, the Home Affordable Modification Program was passed to help stabilize the housing-market and assist homeowners in retaining their homes. This is just one example of the various programs available to homeowners. Phoenix has a unique real estate environment and a real estate attorney can help a homeowner navigate through these regulations properly.

Real Estate Professionals

The Arizona Real Estate attorneys at JacksonWhite understand the issues that affect Real Estate Brokers and Agents. We represent real estate professionals in simple to complex matters, providing thoughtful and practical advice with respect to commercial and residential related transactions.


We’ve successfully helped contractors deal with their real estate issues time & time again. Our real estate law team makes sure to hold businesses and property owners responsible for any work they hire a contractor to complete.


The Arizona financial institutions lawyers at JacksonWhite, Attorneys at Law extensive experience in representing the interests of mortgage lenders in residential and commercial real estate transactions.

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