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What Happens if My Spouse Dies and We Are Separated But Not Divorced?

Dealing with marital issues is never easy. Depending on a couple’s unique situation, they may opt to legally separate instead of going straight to divorce. Not only does separating offer financial benefits, such as the opportunity to maintain health insurance coverage, but it also gives couples the chance to work out problems if they so choose. If you decide to…

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Process for Evicting a Sibling From a Deceased Parent’s Home

Losing a parent is a traumatic experience all on its own. However, the stress and sorrow are only compounded when a child has to deal with estate issues. If you were appointed executor of a parent’s estate, then the odds are that you will be responsible for distributing belongings, selling assets, and deciding what to do with their home. Today’s…

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Guide To Maricopa County Probate Court

Most commonly, probate is a legal process by which the estate or assets of someone who has passed away are distributed amongst their heirs and beneficiaries. Usually, the process of distributing assets is controlled by the last will and testament that the deceased had filled out, but when there is a dispute over the legality of the will or who…

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Guide To Pima County Probate Court

Contrary to popular belief, probate court is not just for wealthy families who are fighting about who gets what. Instead, probate is the legal process by which the estate and assets of someone who has passed away are legally distributed to the heirs and beneficiaries.  Usually, the probate process is controlled by a last will and testament that the deceased…

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Does a Reverse Mortgage Go Through Probate in Arizona?

Anyone who is planning to leave property and assets to loved ones likely knows that probate is part of the process. Still, they might not realize how involved the probate system can truly be. Depending on the complexity of your estate, the court may order that it go through informal, formal, or supervised probate. Moreover, certain types of properties, including…

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How Does the Probate Process Start in Arizona?

Many individuals are under the mistaken impression that creating a will is all they need to do to pass on assets after death. On the contrary, when a property owner dies, assets typically go through something called probate. A court-supervised process, probate involves proving that the deceased’s will is authentic and then carrying out their wishes as requested. Additionally, the…

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Does Property Transferred by Will Avoid Probate?

It’s natural to want to avoid the stress and inconvenience of probate. However, individuals aren’t always clear on how to expedite the transfer of assets to their beneficiaries. In particular, people may assume that they can avoid probate entirely by writing a will to transfer property. Wondering how to save your loved ones time and money after you’re gone? Keep…

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How Long Does Probate Take Without a Will?

You probably know that creating a will is one of the best ways to ensure your last wishes are honored with regard to the disposition of property and assets, funeral planning, and more. However, you might not realize that writing a will can also save your loved ones time and money after you’re gone. In fact, those who pass on…

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Do I Need a Lawyer for Probate?

With close to three million people dying in the U.S. each year, many families come face to face with the reality of life without their loved one as well as the legal and family struggles that often come with legally distributing their estate. Following the death of a loved one, family members and friends should be focusing on mourning the…

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Starting Probate Without Meeting Your Attorney in Person

If you’re starting the probate process, then the odds are good you have a lot of questions. Those who are new to probate may wonder what steps are involved, how long the process takes to complete, and whether you will be expected to deal with creditors. Additionally, those participating in probate may be concerned about whether they need to meet…

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