What are Royalties and How Do I get Them?

Royalties are the monies paid to an inventor or creator every time their creation is sold or used.  Royalties can be collected in any type of industry:  print royalties, mechanical royalties, music royalties, and patent and trademark royalties.  The money is paid based on many different types of compensation metrics.  For example, a writer may collect an advance on his/her anticipated royalties from a publisher based on the number of sales of the book.  An author can collect additional royalties if his/her book is made into a TV show or movie.  Because patents and trademarks provide the owner with exclusive rights over an invention, it also gives the owner the right to divide and license his/her invention.  Royalties on patents and trademarks can be assessed in many different ways:  fixed fee per unit, a percentage of sales, and “relief from royalty” are just a few methods.  Royalty rights can be extremely valuable and may provide an inventor with an income for many, many generations.

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