International Intellectual Property

The United States is one of the largest global marketplaces and a preferred market for goods from around the world. One does not need to be a United States citizen, or even to reside in the United States, to apply for a U.S. patent or trademark. Applications may be made by individuals, partnerships or corporations.

If the applicant does not reside in the United States, the applicant must appoint a domestic U.S. representative. As this person serves as a legal representative to receive any notices or court papers that may be served for proceedings affecting the patent or trademark, it is vital that this domestic representative be available to handle legal correspondence concerning the patent or trademark.

Generally, most international applicants will appoint a U.S. intellectual property attorney as their domestic representative. The United States Patent and Trademark Office must be kept informed, in writing, of any changes in correspondence address that occur during the application process.

Our international intellectual property attorney can assist with the following:

  • Prepare and prosecute worldwide patent applications under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.
  • Prepare and prosecute worldwide trademark and servicemark applications under the World Intellectual Property Organization.
  • Provide national stage patent, trademark and servicemark filing into all countries worldwide using our global network of foreign associates.
  • File U.S. national phase patent, trademark and servicemark filing for foreign clients and associates.

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