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The Importance of Patent File Wrappers

The patent application process can be long: the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) estimates the average application takes more than two years to process. In that time, a patent application will undergo rigorous evaluation by a patent examiner, ...
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Pre-Patent Protection

Filing for a patent can be a costly endeavor, and many inventors are curious to know what kind of protection they can secure before actually applying for a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Before March ...
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Patent Non-Disclosure Agreements

As an inventor, you want to know the commercial value of your invention, and often, the best way to do that is by meeting with businesses, venture capitalists and others who are willing to partner with you to sell or ...
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Patent Cost Estimator

Filing and obtaining a patent is a time-intensive, often expensive process that should be thoroughly researched before being initiated. Each year, hundreds of thousands of patents are filed, and the costs for each one are different. Although estimating an exact ...
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Is a Patent Search Necessary?

As an inventor, you’re financially and personally invested in the success of your products and their future. When you’re considering filing a patent for an invention, conducting a patent search is simply one way to ensure the viability of your ...
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Four Types of Patent Opinions

At the beginning of the patent process, many of the hurdles inventors face are those of due diligence: ensuring that their invention is unique and patentable. Part of this process involves patent opinions, which are legal forms of feedback that ...
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Can You Patent Software?

In the U.S., an inventor can patent a unique business model, something that has only been possible in the last few decades, with the increase in e-commerce, computer technologies and the like. Computer software often falls into this category, and ...
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Can You Patent an Idea?

Every year, millions of Americans devise new ways of improving things or processes. Although these ideas have the potential for being extremely valuable, potential only goes so far when it comes to intellectual property protection. In short, you cannot patent ...
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