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What are Royalties and How Do I Get Them?

Royalties are the monies paid to an inventor or creator every time their creation is sold or used.  Royalties can be collected in any type of industry:  print royalties, mechanical royalties, music royalties, and patent and trademark royalties.  The money ...
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Do I Need to Patent, Copyright, or Trademark My Idea?

As Thomas Edison said, “to invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.”  Intellectual property has been a major catalyst of progress for American society and economics.  Current intellectual property law originated out of the early patent ...
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Can Digital Products Be Re-Sold?

This is a question that was recently sparked by an October filing against start-up company, ReDigi by Capital Records, a subset of music giant, EMI. ReDigi was launched in October 2011 and describes itself as the “first legal marketplace for ...
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