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JacksonWhite Attorneys at Law provides comprehensive services in all areas of intellectual property law. Now ranked among the largest and most productive firms in Phoenix’s East Valley, JacksonWhite has established an international IP practice, serving both domestic and foreign companies doing business globally.

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Superior Intellectual Property Protection

Our Intellectual property lawyers helped innovators define, perfect and protect their intellectual property for years. Our skilled team will work together to support clients in everything IP, from patent, trademark and copyright needs to audits and litigation.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, but working globally, the JacksonWhite IP team is here to protect your intellectual assets. Learn more about how we can protect your future today.

The JacksonWhite Advantage

At JacksonWhite, our patent attorneys work tirelessly to not just protect your intellectual property, but to advance the foundation of your business as well. We work with clients of all types, from inventors and entrepreneurs to corporate clients whose needs span across the intellectual property spectrum.

Our intellectual property team is able to offer the first-rate services of a larger firm while providing the laser-focus of a smaller one. We focus on making your patent and IP process as efficient and streamlined as possible so that you can grow your business ideas as needed.

We pride ourselves on being thorough, comprehensive and extremely detail-focused in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service and protection. Where many firms cut corners, we take the extra time and attention to ensure the long-term sustainability of our clients’ intellectual property.

We approach your IP assets the way we would our own, knowing full well that the key to effective protection is an inclusive strategy that starts from day one and focuses on your long-term goals as an innovator.

Technology and innovation is the engine of many industries, and at JacksonWhite Law, we strive to ensure that your assets are optimized, protected and positioned to maximize potential.

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What Our Clients Say

Intellectual Property: Legal, Technical and Business Expertise

The intellectual property attorneys at JacksonWhite have experience and knowledge in legal, technical and business issues that allow them to focus on the important details of your IP needs while seeing the bigger picture for your ventures. We can help you make sense of your legal obligations and options should you need to handle audit or litigation matters.

Our legal staff provides additional legal support in the way of documentation management, preparation, filing and research.

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Though we’re based in the Phoenix metro area, we work with clients around the world. We have a strong presence in Arizona and California, but have the resources needed to consult and work with clients around the globe. If you’d like to schedule a consultation to discuss your intellectual property needs, call our office today.

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