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When you need assistance dealing with the US immigration system, the immigration law team at JacksonWhite Law is here to help. Whether you need assistance obtaining a visa, applying for citizenship, or fighting removal proceedings, our experienced attorneys can expedite the process and maximize the likelihood of a positive outcome.

Meet Pace Rawlins and Mala Bajpai — The Top Immigration Attorneys in Phoenix

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The immigration team at JacksonWhite Law is led by Pace Rawlins, a seasoned attorney with over 10 years of experience in the US immigration law system. Rawlins has been a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) since 2012. He’s fluent in Spanish and English, proficient speaking Portugeause, and a novice speaking Arabic.

Working out of JacksonWhite Law’s Mesa office, our immigration team features the most qualified immigration attorneys in the Phoenix area. Our multilingual immigration team specializes in breaking down barriers, and they’re ready and willing to take your case regardless of the language you speak.

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The Phoenix Immigration Law Team You Can Count On

Legal immigration status is vital to living life to the fullest in Phoenix, and our legal team is excited to help you work towards achieving your dreams. We have a depth of experience working with a wide variety of immigration cases, including:

  • Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Resident
  • Citizenship and Naturalization
  • DACA / Deferred Action
  • Deportation Defense
  • Employment and Business Immigration
  • Family Petitions
  • Investment Visas
  • Visas (K-1, K-3, victims, VAWA, U, T, S, and more)
  • Waivers

For more information about the types of cases that our Phoenix immigration attorneys can take, please see our services page.

Visa Applications in Phoenix

Need assistance with your visa? Our Phoenix immigration law team has successfully helped thousands of clients become legal immigrants, permanent residents, and naturalized citizens, and we’re here to help.

The immigration law team at JacksonWhite Law is prepared to help you with any type of visa case, covering everything from spousal visas to students, work-based visas, and investment visas. When you’re ready to transition from legal immigrant to permanent resident or naturalized citizen, we can help you navigate the necessary paperwork and prepare for in-person interviews.

Fighting Deportation in Phoenix

Phoenix residents are considered a “high risk” for deportation if you fall into one of three categories:

  • You’re an undocumented immigrant
  • You’re a visa- or green card-holder with a past arrest conviction
  • You’re a visa- or green card-holder with a prior removal order

Regardless of why you’re at risk of deportation, it’s important that you speak with an immigration law attorney as soon as possible. It’s best to address the risk of deportation before being taken into custody by the authorities, but it’s certainly possible to present a valid deportation defense after the fact.

If you’ve been arrested or detained in Phoenix, exercise your right to remain silent. Don’t speak with the authorities until you’ve had a chance to speak with an immigration attorney. Depending on your unique situation, your attorney will advise you on the best way to defend yourself against deportation and represent you in the subsequent removal hearings.
DACA Applications and Renewals in Phoenix
In June 2019, the US Supreme Court agreed to review lower court decisions about terminating DACA. While the future of the DACA program is uncertain, you’re still eligible to renew if you’ve previously or currently have deferred action.

Because the fate of the DACA program is under review, it’s critical that you meet with an immigration attorney as soon as possible to renew your application if your DACA expires in the next 12 months.

Naturalized Citizenship in Phoenix

Obtaining naturalized citizenship in the United States is a long, challenging process, where the smallest misstep can result in a rejected application. To ensure the best possible outcome, it’s best to work with an experienced immigration attorney.

At JacksonWhite Law, our seasoned immigration attorneys can help you through every step of the naturalization process. As long as you meet one of the four naturalization requirements, our team can guide you through the application process all the way to the final oath and citizenship ceremony.

Employment-Based Visas in Phoenix

Under US immigration law, there are three ways to obtain legal immigration status through employment in the United States:

  • Obtaining a temporary work visa
  • Obtaining a work visa as a student visitor
  • Obtaining a green card as a permanent immigrant worker

Whichever path you’re on, the immigration law team at JacksonWhite Law will ensure that your employment in the United States results in the right work-based visa. We’ll coordinate with your employer to obtain the right documentation, and we’ll guide you through the application and interview process with USCIS.

To learn more about business and employment immigration services, follow this link.

E-2 Visas in Phoenix

Investment visas (E-2 visas) are intended for foreign entrepreneurs who qualify for non-immigrant status. The program is only available to certain nations, and comes with strict qualifications.

If you believe you qualify for an investment visa, contact JacksonWhite’s Phoenix immigration law team to discuss your situation. If your application is approved, you’ll be able to travel to and from the United States freely, and legally work for an investment vehicle company in the US.

Help With USCIS Waivers in Phoenix

The US immigration law system offers numerous waivers for immigrants who don’t meet the standard requirements in their application. Most waivers relate to new visa and green card applications, and while they’re a welcome source of leniency, they can be quite confusing.

Fortunately, the experienced immigration law team at JacksonWhite Law is here to help you with your waivers. With our assistance, you may be able to use a waiver to deal with a criminal record, address an expired visa, address allegations of fraud or misrepresentation on a visa application, and more.

Waivers often deal with matters that could lead to deportation, so don’t wait until it’s too late. Give us a call to talk about your immigration case today.

Assistance With Family Petitions in Phoenix

The US immigration law system may seem cold and heartless, but it has a soft spot for family unity. USCIS permits US citizens to petition for immediate family members (parents, siblings, spouses, and children) to live permanently in the United States, while lawful permanent residents may petition for spouses and unmarried children.

When you’re ready to file a family petition for US immigration benefits, be sure to consult your case with an immigration law attorney before submitting the application. Even though the system is sympathetic to family petitions, immigration officials are often suspicious of fraudulent applications in this category. Working with an experienced attorney offers the best chances of approval and avoiding unnecessary processing delays.

Ready for a Consultation with an Experienced Immigration Attorney in Phoenix?

JacksonWhite Law offers confidential consultations with our immigration law team at our offices in Phoenix, Mesa, Peoria, and Scottsdale. Our sympathetic team members will listen attentively to the details of your case and discuss your options to move forward. No case is insignificant to us, and our #1 priority is to help you obtain the right immigration benefits to enjoy your life in the United States.

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“Attorney Pace Rawlins and his assistant Gabriela Badalamenti were very supportive and guided us with the citizenship process. They both and their team are very knowledgable and helpful that made our naturalization process effortless and easy. JacksonWhite Law is an excellent law firm and all of their attorneys have an experienced and professional background that ensures the client gets the best service. I would 100% recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney.”

Sima Bhensdadia, AZ

“Pace Rawlins and his team at Jackson White Lawfirm was amazing! We are very happy with their work on our greencard petition. They were great at keeping us up to date with everything. We definitely will work with this team again for the US naturalization. Great staff and amazing team to work with! We wholeheartedly recommend Pace Rawlins and his team!”

Adelina G. LidyaAZ

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Your case may require you to contact or visit a government office or courthouse. Or if you are detained by immigration authorities, you may be taken to a holding facility. Our immigration law team is familiar with all of the following locations.

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You’ll find the best immigration attorneys in Phoenix at JacksonWhite Law. Our team is compassionate to your unique situation, and will do everything we can to help you navigate the confusing US immigration system. Whether you need assistance obtaining a waiver, applying for a visa, or helping a family member obtain immigration benefits, we’re here to help you.

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