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Legal Incapacity

Conservator of Estate vs Power of Attorney

When an adult becomes mentally incapacitated and can no longer manage their own affairs, a family member or close friend will usually be asked to step in and provide assistance and care. Depending on the extent of the incapacitated adult’s ...
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Difference Between Power of Attorney and Conservator

When an adult is incapacitatedor otherwise unable to manage aspects of their affairs—be it financial, medical, or personal—it’s important to have someone with the authorization to assist them and act on their behalf. Spouses are inherently granted the necessary authorization ...
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Conservatorship vs Durable Power of Attorney

The primary difference between conservatorship and a durable power of attorney is all about timing. While both involve caring for an incapacitated person, a durable power of attorney is executed before the person loses their mental capacity, and a conservatorship is ordered ...
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