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How to Become a Court-Appointed Guardian for the Elderly in Arizona

If you’ve ever cared for elderly parents or grandparents, then you probably know that it’s common for challenges to arise along the way. In

5 Reasons to Request Guardianship in Arizona

If you know someone in need of care and support, you may opt to request guardianship in Arizona. According to state law, any non-parent

Guardianship Hearings

Guardianship is intended to provide a substitute decision-maker for adults who are disabled or incapacitated. Guardians are given the authority to assist adults with their

What Constitutes an Emergency Guardianship?

When a probate judge issues a guardianship order, the court appoints a caretaker to handle the personal affairs, healthcare decisions, and/or financial affairs of an

Guardianship for Elderly With Dementia

Watching an elderly family member or friend suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease is one of the hardest things to witness in this life.

How Do I Relinquish Guardianship of My Husband?

In a guardianship, a legal guardian is appointed by the court to handle the affairs of a minor or incapacitated adult (known as the ward).

Duties of a Guardian for the Elderly

When an adult becomes incapacitated, a family member, friend, or government agency can petition the court to appoint a guardian. Guardianship proceedings often take

Is a Legal Guardian Responsible for Medical Bills?

Introduction Generally speaking, a guardian is not personally responsible for the ward’s (person being taken care of) debts or bills. The guardian has a

What is Plenary Guardianship?

Introduction When an adult loses the mental capacity to handle their finances, healthcare decisions, and/or living arrangements, a family member or friend will usually

How Do I Get Guardianship of My Father?

When a parent loses the capacity to handle important aspects of their healthcare, finances, or living situation, it’s often necessary for someone to step

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