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JacksonWhite provides services throughout the entire creative process, from conception to production, distribution, and intellectual property rights within the United States and globally.

JacksonWhite’s entertainment law practice focuses on legal issues in entertainment, which includes music, motion picture, art, photography, the Internet, sports, and television. We provide clients with dedicated, responsive, and effective legal services, which is vital for success in the global entertainment industry. We also provide comprehensive intellectual property services, including copyright and trademark registration specifically tailored to the entertainment world.

JacksonWhite’s sports law practice focuses on legal issues in sports, which includes representing teams, event producers, venues, training and fitness providers, athletic apparel, and sports equipment manufacturers. We also support athletes at the professional, amateur, collegiate, and high school levels, in addition to retired professional athletes and coaches.

For help with your entertainment or sports law needs, contact JacksonWhite’s entertainment and sports law attorneys at 480-426-8397.

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