Arizona Property Tax Appeal

Do you know the current fair market value of your home? Unless you have had a professional assessment of your property’s value within the past year, I highly suggest that you schedule one.

It’s common knowledge that real estate values in the United States have dropped dramatically during our country’s recent economic struggles. Ironically, as property values have dropped, property taxes have actually increased. This is a concerning statistic, considering that property taxes are equated using property value.

If you own property, you should receive a Notice of Value card in the mail by March 1. The card will list your property’s assessed Full Cash Value and its Legal Classification (a property’s Legal Classification refers to how the land is being used. Classifications include commercial, residential, agricultural, etc.). If you believe the Full Cash Value or the Legal Classification to be incorrect, you can file an appeal either with the County Assessor’s Office or with the Tax Court.

According to the Official Blog of the National Taxpayers Union, GovernmentBytes, “up to 60 percent of the nation’s taxable property may be over-assessed, leaving property owners to pay thousands of dollars more than they need to.” Prepare yourself to file an appeal if necessary by hiring a professional to correctly appraise your property’s current value. In order to insure that your appeal is successful, it must be filed as quickly as possible upon receiving your Notice of Value.

If you have any interest in preparing yourself to file a property tax appeal, come and see me, an experienced Arizona eminent domain attorney that can give you the expert advice you deserve. Call (480)-428-3572 today to schedule your consultation.

The Maricopa County Assessor’s Office

The Maricopa County Assessor’s Office is responsible for assessing the property values of every property within the county’s boundaries. Their valuation appraisals determine individual and business property taxes, and, in the context of eminent domain, the compensation amount offered by the government. So, who is behind the entity that is deciding the worth of your property?

The County Assessor’s Office consists of the appointed County Assessor, Keith E. Russell, his leadership staff, and other employees, and is authorized to compute the Full Cash Values and Limited Values of all taxable properties. To insure that all properties have been assessed, the Assessor and his staff use aerial photographs, state land maps, GIS mapping, and appraiser canvasses. There are five County Assessor Offices in Maricopa County, two in Phoenix, with the others in Mesa, Sun City, and Sun City West.

While the Mission Statement of the County Assessor’s Office, as stated on their website, proclaims an attempt to “efficiently and effectively administer all laws and regulations to Maricopa County property owners” so that all taxed “property is fairly and equitably valued,” Full Cash Values of properties are often incorrectly estimated. If the Assessor’s Office determines your property value too high, your property tax will follow suit, forcing you to pay more than you should. On the contrary, if your property is valued too low, you would receive unfair ‘just compensation’ if faced with eminent domain.

If you believe that your property’s valuation may be incorrect, an experienced Arizona eminent domain attorney can help you file an appeal. Call (480)-428-3572 today to set up your consultation to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the County Assessor’s Office or to determine your property’s true market value.