Shoplifting is considered a theft crime in Arizona and comes with serious penalties. The consequences for shoplifting and other theft crimes depend largely on the monetary value of the items stolen. However, that is not the case when it comes to shoplifting firearms in AZ.

Shoplifting Firearms in AZ

Regardless of the value of the property stolen, a person found guilty of shoplifting firearms in Arizona is guilty of a class 6 felony. This charge carries severe penalties, including up to one year in prison.

Penalties for Shoplifting Firearms in Arizona

The potential sentences for a class 6 felony in AZ can be found below:

Felony Mitigated Minimum Presumptive Maximum Aggravated
Class 6 .33 year .5 year 1 year 1.5 years 2 years

In addition to incarceration, a shoplifting charge may also result in large fines, a suspension of your gun rights, and a criminal record, among others.

Charged with shoplifting firearms in AZ?

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