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At JacksonWhite, we understand how important it is to handle your criminal case with care. Every day, defendants across Arizona lose their cases or receive a less-than-ideal outcome simply because they didn’t have the best possible representation for their case.

That’s why we focus on getting to know you and your case: so that we can give you the best chance of success when it matters most. Where many criminal firms take shortcuts to save time, we work tirelessly to understand the context and possible outcomes of your case. Our team, led by attorneys Jeremy Geigle and John Dosdall, offers experience and a collaborative approach to defense that few firms can offer.

At the end of the day, the best criminal defense attorney is the one that has truly familiarized themselves with your case, and that personal touch is exactly why our success rates in Scottsdale – and across the Phoenix metro area – are so high.


Recent Case Results in Scottsdale

Case 1: Scottsdale City Court

  • Charges: 6 counts: DUI, speeding, reckless driving, yield sign violation, driving across gore area, unsafe lane changes
  • Our results: Avoided jail time, class 1 misdemeanor DUI, all other charges dismissed, drug screening and fines

Case 2: Scottsdale City Court

  • Charges: 3 counts: DUI, driving with suspended license, failure to drive in single lane
  • Our results: Charge reduced to reckless driving, no jail time or DUI charge, alcohol classes

Case 3: Scottsdale Municipal Court

  • Charges: 3 counts: extreme DUI, DUI over .08% BAC, DUI
  • Our results: case dismissed

Case 4: Scottsdale City Court

  • Charges: 3 counts: domestic violence (assault), criminal damage, disorderly conduct
  • Our results: ┬áReduced to disorderly conduct

Case 5: Scottsdale City Court

  • Charges: 3 counts: assault, criminal damage, disorderly conduct
  • Our results: Dropped to disorderly conduct, fines and diversion program

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