Probation in Arizona

It is not uncommon for a judge to sentence an offender to 18-24 months of probation, but what does that mean? Will your probation end after 18 months or 24? Why does the judge give a timeframe instead of a specific number of months?

Review the Probation

When a judge gives a sentence like 18-24 months, that means they are willing to review the terms of the probation after 18 months.

What About Filing for Early Termination?

An offender can file for early termination at any time after your probation requirements, aside from the amount of time, have been completed. However, the motion will likely be opposed by both the prosecutor and your probation officer. It will probably be taken into consideration whether or not you violated any of the terms of your probation.

Many plea deals or probation terms include writing that limits when you can file for early termination. Consulting with a qualified criminal defense attorney will give you the best chances of having your probation terminated early.  A defense lawyer can help get your PO on board and can discuss your situation with the prosecutor.

Need Assistance With Your Probation in Arizona?

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