Possession of Burglary Tools in Arizona

An individual is guilty of possession of burglary tools by possessing an explosive, instrument, or a specific tool that could be used for burglary. This includes buying, selling, transferring, or possessing a motor vehicle manipulation key.

Possession of burglary tools is a class 6 felony; as a first offense punishment you can expect anywhere from no jail time or up to an entire year, with the possibility of probation. Or you can expect, prison time ranging anywhere from two months to four years depending on the severity of your crime.

If it’s your 2nd offense then the prison range goes up to anywhere from 9 months to 2.75 years of prison.

If it’s your 3rd offense, you can expect anywhere from 2.25 years of incarceration to 5.75.

Possible Defenses

The main defense when charged with possession of burglary tools is proving that you were not attempting to commit a felony by breaking in somewhere and instead the crime should be lessened to trespassing.

Usually a suspect is arrested before they have a chance to explain themselves, and the defendant can attempt to convince the court that they were simply trespassing in order to use a telephone or seek immediate assistance for a life threatening matter.

Have You Been Arrested for Possession of Burglary Tools?

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