Phoenix Aggressive Driving Lawyer

Aggressive Driving in Arizona

Class 1 Misdemeanor §28-695(A), (B) & (D)(1)

Imprisonment: Not more than 6 months.

Fine: Not to exceed $2,500.00.

Licensing Action:

  • 1st offense: Suspended for no more than 30 days.
  • 2nd or subsequent offense (within 24 months): Revoked for no more than 1 year. §28-695(C)(2) & (D)(2)


  • 1st offenders must “attend and successfully complete approved training and education sessions that are designed to improve the safety and habits of drivers….” §28-695(C)(1)
  • An offender is also subject to assessments which can be 60% of the fine imposed. §§12-116.01 & 12-116.02
  • An offender may be required to pay the costs of their incarceration. §28-694(A)

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