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Class 3 Misdemeanor §28-701.02(A) & (B)

  • Excessive speeding is defined as driving more than 35mph approaching a school zone, or driving more than 20mph over the posted speed limit. §28-701.02(A)

Imprisonment: Not more than 30 days in jail.

Fine: Not more than $500.00.

Excessive Speeding

Traffic School: The court may allow a violator to attend defensive driving school. If the violator successfully completes traffic school, the civil traffic violation will be dismissed. However, offenders are only able to take this class once every 24 months.

Traffic school is not free, it may cost up to 60% of the fine that was originally imposed. Typically completion of traffic school erases the fine that was imposed, your insurance rates won’t increase, and no points will accrue on your license.

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