Is Driving With a Suspended License a Misdemeanor in Arizona?

Driving is an activity that many Americans perform every day. A person may be driving a private car or a form of public transportation. Whoever the driver is and wherever they are, they need to carry a valid driver’s license with them when they are driving. Nobody is excused for not holding a valid driver’s license when driving. Everyone knows the rules. So, they have to follow them to avoid inconvenience. Breaking the law is never a good practice anyway.


Reasons Licenses are Suspended

There are existing laws that every driver must follow when driving on the road. But, still, there are those who use suspended licenses. We have here some reasons why the suspension of licenses happens in Arizona.


The number of points earned and recorded within a certain period passes the allowed limit. The driver is responsible for violating traffic rules. The driver fails to pay the civil traffic violation fine. The driver does not respond or appear in court due to a civil traffic ticket. The driver forgets to deal with previous civil traffic tickets. The driver is caught because of an alcohol-related violation. In cases where you failed to pay your tickets, the suspension may be fixed easily. You may handle this on your own by handing the authorities the paid tickets. If you can’t manage it, you may ask for help from your attorney. Just make sure to look for a law firm with experts in handling traffic violations and suspended licenses. If a person is caught driving with a suspended, revoked, or canceled license, he is in big trouble. This action is covered under the A.R.S. § 28-3473, 13-802, 13-707 and 28-3511(A).


In Arizona, driving with a suspended license is considered a misdemeanor under Class 1. In fact, this is a very serious level of misdemeanor. You will need a traffic attorney or a legal counsel to deal with this issue. As a driver, you must be aware of the following consequences. Your vehicle will be impounded, removed, or immobilized for a period of up to 30 days. Therefore, you cannot use your vehicle within that period. And then, you will also pay a certain fee for storing your vehicle in the impound area.

Repeat Offenders

If you are a repeater of this act, then you will be imprisoned for a period of up to six months. This means that you may not go to jail for your very first offense. You will also pay a fine with a maximum of $2,500.00. The MVD may also issue other actions against the accused, and that includes the re-suspension of your driver’s license.


Can you do anything to resolve the suspended license violation and misdemeanor? With the help of your lawyer, you have to reinstate the driver’s license. No matter what damage you have done, you need to appear in court. You will face the prosecutor and make sure your lawyer can defend you. Always remember that the verdict will be simpler if you plead guilty and accept your faults and consequences.


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