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Florence Arizona Prison Guide: Visitation Rules, Programs, & More

Arizona State Prison Complex (ASPC) Florence, is located in Florence, Arizona, and is run by Warden Jeff Van Winkle. The facility is a mixed

How to Get a Copy of a Phoenix Police Report

Almost all law enforcement agencies say they are transparent when it comes to sharing information with the public, but far too often getting access

Do Cops Come to Your House for a Bench Warrant in Arizona?

Introduction If you have been charged with any crime in Arizona, you will be given a court date. This court date is the time

Arizona’s Laws on the Violation of Bail Conditions

Introduction If you have been arrested for a crime in Arizona, depending on the severity of your crime as well as your previous history,

Maricopa County Jail Guide

Maricopa County, Arizona, has a population of 4.5 million people and due to this large of a population there are five different jails that

What Happens When a Case is Dismissed in an Arizona Court?

Introduction When charged with a crime, most people have the same initial reaction. How do I make this go away? While it’s certainly possible

How Does The Bail Bond Process Work in Arizona?

Introduction We’ve all heard about bail and bail bonds, whether it’s in the news, movies, or neighborhood gossip. Bail bonds take on a different

Can Police Question a Minor Without the Parent’s Consent in Arizona?

Introduction Many parents in the state of Arizona share the same concern: will police question my child without my consent? Minors can often be

Places That Hire Felons in Arizona

Introduction A criminal record in Arizona makes it difficult to find a well-paying, permanent job. But, that does not mean you cannot find a

What Happens During Pre-File Investigation in Arizona?

Introduction When investigating a reported crime, police begin an investigation to understand who perpetrated a crime and what transpired. Witnesses point to others as

How to Send Money to a Maricopa County Inmate’s Trust Account

Introduction In Maricopa County, jails do not allow inmates to carry cash with them while they are serving their sentence. Because of this, inmates

Can I be sentenced to jail if I can’t afford my court fine in Arizona?

Introduction Yes, failure to pay the fines and court fees associated with being in the criminal justice system can lead to jail time. However,

Why Would an Attorney Withdraw from a Criminal Case in Arizona?

Introduction A high profile example of why an attorney would withdraw from a case can be seen in the court proceedings involving Arizona’s most

How Do I Get My Property Back After Search & Seizure in Arizona?

Search and seizure laws have been coming under intense scrutiny because of the many abuses that have caused considerable inconvenience to average citizens. In

How to Get Your Criminal Record Expunged in Arizona

A conviction for a crime can make life difficult – you may find it harder to get a job, secure housing or get access

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