Category: Law Enforcement Process

How to Get a Copy of a Phoenix Police Report

Almost all law enforcement agencies say they are transparent when it comes to sharing information with the public, but far too often getting access

Do Cops Come to Your House for a Bench Warrant in Arizona?

Introduction If you have been charged with any crime in Arizona, you will be given a court date. This court date is the time

How to Report Police Misconduct in Arizona

Introduction Police officers are entrusted to enforce the law and stop or detain suspects as necessary. When a law enforcement official attempts to search

Can Police Tap Your Phone in Arizona?

Introduction Is it legal for police tap your phone or look at your text messages without your knowledge? If you’re under investigation by law

How Long Can Police Hold Evidence Without Charges in Arizona?

Introduction When the police seize property as evidence, they can hold the property without filing charges until the applicable statute of limitations expires. In

Is It Illegal To Lie To a Cop in Arizona?

Introduction At some point in your life, you may have an interaction with an Arizona police officer. If you are doing something illegal and

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