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Criminal Defense Attorneys in Scottsdale

If you’ve been charged with a crime of any kind, such as a DUI or a crime involving drugs, violence, guns, a sexual offense,

How to Fight Bankruptcy Fraud Charges in Arizona

Introduction Whether you’re facing bankruptcy fraud charges or simply want to avoid committing this crime, it’s essential to know the law. A conviction for

Unemployment Fraud Laws in Arizona

Due to COVID-19 and the many business restrictions that were implemented to stop the spread, many Arizona businesses have been forced to shut down

ARS 13-2310 – Fraudulent Schemes and Artifices Statutes in Arizona

Introduction Fraud is the intentional action to deceive another person or even a company for an unlawful gain. Fraud can occur in many facets,

What to Do When Facing Mortgage Fraud Charges in Arizona

Buying real estate is one of the most important and significant transactions you will make in your lifetime. Since most buyers can’t afford to

Arizona Fraud Laws

Introduction Fraud is the general term used to define a range of offenses involving dishonesty or misrepresentation of fact, a falsified statement, or deceitful

Credit Card Fraud Laws In Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, credit card theft is not taken lightly. Credit card theft is the crime of taking or possessing someone else’s credit card

Identity Theft Laws in Arizona

Identity theft has become an increasingly common crime over the last decade. Statistics in the latest FTC Sentinel Report shows that Arizona has the

ARS 13-2301: Racketeering Laws in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, racketeering is a felony with potentially serious punishments. Because there are a wide range of acts that qualify as racketeering, the

Bad Checks Writing Laws in Arizona

Introduction In Arizona, issuing a bad check is a serious crime punishable by jail-time with big fines. Typically issuing a bad check is considered

Money Laundering Laws in Arizona

Money laundering is a financial scheme where an individual gains money from a criminal act.  One of the most common criminal acts used for

Illegal Control of an Enterprise Laws in Arizona

Introduction According to A.R.S. 13-2312, the crime of illegal control of an enterprise occurs when a person uses racketeering (or related means) to maintain

Computer Tampering Laws in Arizona

Computer hacking may not seem like a serious crime in comparison to others dangerous acts, but illegally accessing a computer system with the intent

Possible Punishments if Caught Stealing from an ATM

If you are caught stealing cash from an ATM machine in Gilbert, AZ you will probably be charged with criminal theft. The severity of

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