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Unemployment Fraud Laws in Arizona

Due to COVID-19 and the many business restrictions that were implemented to stop the spread, many Arizona businesses have been forced to shut down and let their employees go. In ...
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Arizona Curfew Laws

Arizona governor Doug Ducey initiated a mandatory curfew for the state of Arizona in response to the unrest among citizens and subsequent riots and looting following the tragic death of ...
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ARS 13-3102: Misconduct Involving Weapons

When it comes to misconduct involving weapons in Arizona, ARS 13-3102 covers everything you need to know, including what circumstances qualify for the charges, possible exemptions, and whether the action ...
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Arizona Castle Doctrine

Self-defense is justified in cases where a person feels it necessary to stand up for themselves against burglary, kidnapping, murder, or great bodily harm. This could be one’s business, residential ...
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Is Phoenix a Sanctuary City?

One of the areas of contention between the federal and the state agencies in Arizona today is whether Phoenix is a sanctuary city. Recently, Attorney General Mark Brnovich ruled that ...
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Criminal Forfeiture Laws in Arizona

Criminal forfeiture laws allow law enforcement to seize property that they believe is involved in a crime. This makes sense when property, such as cars or homes, is purchased using funds ...
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Arizona Drinking Laws

Alcohol laws can vary depending on what state you’re in, so it’s important to know what the rules are in Arizona. Visitors and even Arizona residents often break the law ...
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