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Arizona Laws

ARS 13-3101: Prohibited Possessor

The second amendment to the U.S. Constitution ensures the right for all citizens to keep and bear arms. However, federal and state laws such as A.R.S 13-3101 have been enacted ...
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ARS 13-2006: Criminal Impersonation

Whether it is due to technological advances that make committing criminal impersonation a breeze or the lack of violence needed, criminal impersonation is one of the most commonly committed crimes ...
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Marijuana Expungement in Arizona

Arizonans came together and overwhelmingly voted to pass Proposition 207, which legalized the recreational use, possession, and simple cultivation of marijuana. Previously, the only legal use of marijuana was for ...
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Unemployment Fraud Laws in Arizona

Due to COVID-19 and the many business restrictions that were implemented to stop the spread, many Arizona businesses have been forced to shut down and let their employees go. In ...
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