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Is Assault a Felony in Arizona?

The state of Arizona has divided assault into categories of misdemeanor offenses based on the severity of the actions committed. To be convicted of a misdemeanor assault, sufficient proof needs to be provided beyond any reasonable doubt that the defendant ...
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Arizona’s Knife Laws

If you’re a knife enthusiast in Arizona, it’s time to break from your self-induced constraints and let your hair down; there are no restrictions stopping your fun in the Grand Canyon State. According to Knife Up, “Arizona has the best ...
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Shoplifting Firearms in Arizona

Shoplifting is considered a theft crime in Arizona and comes with serious penalties. The consequences for shoplifting and other theft crimes depend largely on the monetary value of the items stolen. However, that is not the case when it comes ...
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When and Why Would an Attorney Withdraw from a Case?

Finding the attorney fit for you.   The court proceedings involving Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio may be old news, but the fact that his attorney has recently withdrawn himself from the case is not. On Friday, the attorney representing ...
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Can I get a sex crime conviction set aside in Arizona?

Before answering that question, the process of setting aside a criminal conviction in Arizona should first be explained. A.R.S. 13-907 states that an individual convicted of a criminal offense, who has fulfilled the conditions of their probation or sentence and ...
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Prescription Fraud in Arizona

Addiction to prescription medication has become a widespread problem in the United States over recent years. As opposed to illegal substances like heroin, meth, or cocaine, prescription medication is prescribed by a doctor and is legal to consume if you ...
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Multiple Shoplifting Offenses in Arizona

Shoplifting addition is a real and prevalent problem in today’s society. Click here to see a previous blog detailing the reasons behind the issue and possible treatments. While some people shoplift because they truly cannot afford to pay for the ...
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