Colorado Rockies Pitcher, Alex White Arrested for DUI in Scottsdale

Spring training is by far one of the best seasons in Arizona. With visitors and residents taking advantage of all the entertainment options that Scottsdale has to offer, like baseball games, clubs and restaurants, everyone seems to be enjoying themselves this time of year. However, spring training season is also DUI season, as people (including professional athletes) can be tempted to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs of alcohol.

Just this past weekend, Alex White, a pitcher for the Colorado Rockies, was arrested and could potentially be charged with an extreme DUI. White was driving in a busy traffic area near Old Town Scottsdale when a police officer pulled him over. It was reported that both a field sobriety test and a portable breath test were administered by the officer, and White’s blood-alcohol level was about twice the legal limit.

White’s situation is similar to other individuals in Scottsdale charged with extreme DUI, in that this is his first time offense. He has no track record of criminal behavior, and has admitted to feeling very embarrassed and disheveled by the entire incident. However, good people make bad mistakes. If you’ve been accused of a DUI, aggravated DUI or extreme DUI in Scottsdale, you need and deserve an attorney who will fight to protect your rights in court. Call (480) 818 9943 to schedule a free criminal consultation with myself, DUI attorney, Jeremy Geigle. I can assess your DUI case, help you understand your options, and work to get you back on track.


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