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Possession of illegal drugs for sale is a serious felony offense in Arizona.  Typically, the more serious the charge and the greater the chance for incarceration, the more expensive the attorney’s fee.  Although it is important to do your homework and to take advantage of the opportunity to talk to several attorneys for free, the real question is: what is your freedom worth?   And what are your civil rights worth? 

You’ll find a range of prices in the marketplace and you’ll find that attorneys charge for cases in different ways – some by the hour and some by a flat fee.  It’s best to sit down with an experienced criminal defense attorney and go over your case in detail and discuss the fee at that point, as it will be influenced by the specific facts and circumstances of your case and what it is you want to accomplish.

Have questions related to a drug possession or illegal drugs for sale charge? Contact criminal defense attorney, AZ Jeremy Geigle for a free consultation regarding your question.


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