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Starting a S Corp

Introduction When word gets out that you’re starting a business, suddenly everyone in your social circle becomes a business expert. One of the most

Can I Be My Own Registered Agent?

Introduction When registering a business in the state of Arizona, you’re required to register a statutory agent (aka registered agent) with the Arizona Corporation

How to Pay Yourself with an LLC

Introduction Limited Liability Companies, or LLCs, are one of the most popular types of small businesses in Arizona. An LLC offers the benefits of

How to Secure Startup Costs Using Arizona Small Business Grants

Introduction Are you wondering how to get government grants for your small business and not sure where to start? Securing capital can be one of

Creating an LLC in Arizona: 7 Steps to Forming a Limited Liability Company

The process of registering a business is dictated by state law, so the actual process and timeline varies across the country. In some states,

How the Arizona Corporation Commission Affects Small Businesses

Arizona is one of only seven states with a Commission formed by state constitution. There are only 13 states with elected commissioners — the

What the Law Says About Small Business Loans in Arizona

When you’re launching a small business, finding adequate funding can be a major obstacle. Even if you have the greatest business idea of the

The First Steps to Starting a Business in Arizona

Becoming an entrepreneur is a viable option for many people in our modern world. A college degree, business experience, and large sums of money

Intrastate Crowdfunding

Governor Doug Ducey signed the two bills into law in March of this year. This allows businesses to raise funds for their company from

Three Ways to Draw Attention to Your Small Business

Running a small business can be extremely different from working in a large corporation. Two major differences are the available resources and the ability

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