Category: Slip and Fall Injuries

Landscapers Injured at a Residential Property

As a professional landscaper, your ability to financially provide for yourself and your family hinges on your health and wellbeing. When you are injured

How Much to Expect From a Back Injury Settlement

Introduction Back injuries are a common element in personal injury claims. Whether you’re in a car accident, injured on the job, or slip and

Slip and Fall Accidents. Who is at Fault?

Every year thousands of people are injured in slip and fall accidents – some seriously and others not so seriously. If you have suffered

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

No matter how carefully you move or how surefooted you are, the risk of a slip and fall accident is all around you. Whether

Causes of Falls for Patients in Hospitals

Introduction The number one cause of patient injuries at hospitals is falling. Patients who fall in hospitals can be left with serious injury, including

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