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Epidural Nerve Damage Lawsuits

Epidural steroid injections (commonly referred to as an ESI) are a routine medical procedure for patients experiencing severe pain in their neck, back, lumbar region, or legs. Most patients who receive an epidural steroid injection are either in labor or ...
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Can a Spinal Tap Cause Nerve Damage?

Spinal taps are fairly routine procedures, but like all medical treatments they carry potential risks. For most people, it’s just another unpleasant experience with a hefty hospital bill. For others, spinal taps can lead to minor side effects. In rare ...
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Causes of Falls for Patients in Hospitals

The number one cause of patient injuries at hospitals is falling. Patients who fall in hospitals can be left with serious injury, including traumatic brain injury which can lead to death. In 2012, for example, a 90-year-old female patient fell at ...
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