Category: Dog Bites

What You Need to Know About Service Dog Bites

Introduction A service dog is any canine trained to assist someone with a disability, including mobility impairment, mental illness, and visual or hearing impairments.

Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Dog Bites in Arizona?

Introduction Getting bitten by an animal can be a traumatizing experience that leaves both emotional and physical scars. Whether you’re the owner of the

What is the Average Settlement Amount for a Dog Bite Attack in Arizona?

Introduction Dog bite incidents are all unique. They can range from a light nip that hardly leaves a mark to a severe incident that

What is Animal Control’s Dog Bite Procedure?

Introduction Wondering about where to report a dog attack or whether you need a tetanus shot for a dog bite? If you’ve just been

Can You Get Rabies From a Dog Scratch?

Introduction While many people love dogs, the reality is that these animals pose a risk to you, especially when they are not properly cared

Are Doctors Required to Report Dog Bites?

Introduction While it most of these situations it may seem crystal clear that a doctor is required to notify law enforcement, there may be

Dog Bite Injury Compensation Amount

Introduction While most of us love dogs, there are instances where these animals can create a number of personal issues for you. Whether your

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

Introduction We love our dogs. For many, they are like another member of the family, who is cared for and loved. Because of the

What To Do If A Lump Forms Under Your Skin After A Dog Bite

Introduction Dogs are the most popular domesticated animal in the United States, residing in 44% of all households across the country, according to the

Do You Have to Report a Dog Bite in Arizona?

Introduction Every day, there are hundreds of car accidents across the country. Many of these are handled without the need of a courtroom, but

What Happens If a Dog Bites Someone On Your Property?

Introduction The number of dog bite incidents that happen each year may be a lot more than you have possibly imagined. According to national

Will a Dog Be Put Down if it Bites Someone in Arizona?

Introduction According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, roughly 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs each year. Most dog bites are rather harmless

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