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Is Lane Splitting Legal in Arizona?

The State of Arizona is a beautiful state and owning a motorcycle is a wonderful and free feeling but as a motorcycle owner in Arizona, do you know the motorcycle laws and what to and not do? Is lane splitting ...
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Arizona’s Seat Belt Laws

Arizona seat belt laws were designed to keep drivers and their passengers as safe as possible whenever operating a vehicle. Regardless of whether there are seat belt laws in your state or not, if you are in a vehicle, you ...
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Uninsured Motorist Claim Payouts

It’s possible for you to gather the proper evidence, draft and form your notification and demand letters, and negotiate your own settlement in court, but if you need assistance in any way throughout this often-confusing process, it doesn’t hurt to ...
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How to Find a Hit and Run Driver

Figuring out how to find a hit and run driver is complicated, however it is not impossible. A victim’s ability to prosecute in both a court of law and a civil suit in this situation is difficult because they have ...
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Injuries From Auto Pedestrian Accidents

Auto pedestrian accidents are car accidents where a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle. This is much more common of an occurrence than one might think. According to the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Association) there was a total of 5,376 fatalities ...
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What to Do if You’ve Been Rear-Ended by a Semi-Truck

[wps_toc style=”default” title=”Table of Contents” heading_levels=”2″ show_heirarchy=”yes” bullet_spacing=”yes” ordered_list=”yes”] Few drivers don’t get nervous when surrounded by semi-trucks on the freeway, even though only about one in ten freeway fatalities occur with a large truck or semi-truck involved. However, semi-trucks ...
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