The False Claims Act was established to encourage and reward whistle blowers for stopping all kinds of fraud against the federal government. The act protects whistle blowers by giving them immunity from losing their job when they speak out against the company. If your Qui Tam case is able to recover lost funds for the government, you’ll also be entitled to some of that money.

The types of fraud discovered will range from healthcare fraud, financial fraud, defense contractor fraud, construction projects fraud, and many other areas like false certification, product substitution, and failures to comply with contract specifications.

Preparing a Qui Tam Case

Your decision to become a whistle blower will ultimately effect your personal and professional relationships with everyone at the company. So, making the decision is best done after meeting with an attorney to discuss evidence, and the process that’s going to come.

The general process for whistle blowing cases is:

  • Gathering solid evidence
  • Talking to & obtaining a Lawyer
  • Submitting the claim and providing the evidence
  • Waiting for the government investigation to complete
  • Receiving judgement & collecting case settlement

Whistle Blowing

Qui tam cases are usually handled outside of court through settlements, but depending on the circumstances & severity of the charges, a trial may be necessary. Please contact us if you want to learn more about what’s to come if you decide you to be a whistle blower. Our experienced whistle blower attorneys can help you determine whether or not your claim will be worthwhile, and will get started right away in filing your lawsuit & protecting your privacy throughout the process.


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