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Non-Compete Agreement Laws in Arizona

When you take a job in the state of Arizona, you may be asked to sign a non-compete agreement. If you are a business owner with a job to offer, you may use a non-compete agreement to protect your interests ...
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Arizona Employment Law Basics

If you live and work in the state of Arizona, you need to understand, and protect, your rights in the workplace. The state has enacted some very specific laws about employment, covering everything from workplace safety and protection from on-the-job ...
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Avoiding Implied Contracts In Your Employee Handbook

Every business, from the smallest startup to the largest multinational corporation, needs clear rules and guidelines. Employee handbooks quantify this vital information and provide it in a way workers can understand, but in some cases those handbooks could do more ...
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Unfair Employment Practices

The labor and employment law attorneys at JacksonWhite have experience representing employees who have been victim to unlawful employment practices, including employees with discrimination claims. JacksonWhite can work with employers and companies to guarantee that their workplace strategies and environment ...
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Qui Tam Lawsuit

The False Claims Act was established to encourage and reward whistle blowers for stopping all kinds of fraud against the federal government. The act protects whistle blowers by giving them immunity from losing their job when they speak out against ...
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Retaliation in the Workplace

Employee’s can experience backlash from their employers if they make complaints about discrimination, harassment, or a violation of personal rights at work. Fortunately the law protects all employees from retaliation in the workplace. Unlawful actions made by your employer as ...
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