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Arizona Laws on Gender Discrimination

Gender or sex discrimination refers to treating someone with less favor because of their sex. This can mean either job applicants or existing employees and can impact both men and women. Gender discrimination is not only unfair; it can have ...
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All About Arizona’s Child Labor Laws

Looking to learn more about child labor laws in Arizona? Wondering whether there are restrictions on the amount of hours teenagers can work? When you aren’t familiar with the federal or state rules on these matters, you might be breaking ...
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Breach of Non-Disparagement Clause

Are you dealing with a disparagement lawsuit in Arizona or looking to learn more about what a non-disparagement clause means in separation agreements? A non-disparagement clause can be a useful tool for protecting reputations in both personal and business-related matters. ...
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Tipped Employment Issues

The service industry, particularly restaurants, operates within a unique payment system. Many workers receive diminished hourly wages assuming the practice of “tipping” will compensate them for the difference. As this system of payment is irregular, it can commonly lead to ...
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