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How to Prove a Hostile Work Environment

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act prohibits harassment in the workplace on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, and sex. Other federal, state, and local laws take that prohibition further by outlawing harassment on the basis of ...
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What Protects Whistleblowers From Retaliation?

Every employee has the right to file a complaint against their employer, whether that involves submitting an internal complaint within the company or filing a formal complaint with a government agency. When an employee exercises their right to “blow the ...
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Rewards For Whistleblowers

When an employee chooses to report evidence of an employer’s illegal activity, the individual is referred to as a whistleblower. Whether the activity in question involves fraud, discrimination, or retaliation, there are federal laws to protect the whistleblower and provide ...
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How To Become a Whistleblower

Federal, state, and local government agencies work hard to ensure that employers in the United States conduct business fairly, ethically, and lawfully, but the government can’t catch everything. At the end of the day, the people who are most likely ...
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Can a Whistle Blower Remain Anonymous?

In most whistleblower cases, the government agency involved will do their best to keep the whistleblower’s identity confidential to the extent practicable and permitted by law. The whistleblower can remain completely anonymous under certain circumstances in cases filed under the ...
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Retaliation in the Workplace

Employee’s can experience backlash from their employers if they make complaints about discrimination, harassment, or a violation of personal rights at work. Fortunately the law protects all employees from retaliation in the workplace. Unlawful actions made by your employer as ...
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