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What to Do When an Employee Makes False Accusations

Workplace gossip is often harmless and goes away as quickly as it began. However, some claims made by employees run the risk of ruining

The Most Common Grounds to “Sue” an Employer

Introduction Employees expect a safe work environment in which they are respected and treated fairly. Employers are legally required to provide a safe environment

Can I Sue My Labor Union for Lack of Representation?

Introduction Labor unions are helpful for streamlining and simplifying employer operations, but they don’t always function as intended. Your union must represent employees without

Can Pre-Employment Drug Tests be Supervised in Arizona?

Introduction Arizona employers can require that you take a drug test to qualify for employment but aren’t obligated to request one. If taking a

What Does the Arizona Department of Labor Oversee?

Introduction In the state of Arizona, the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA) functions as the state’s department of labor. Originally formed in 1925 to

Can an Employer Schedule You Outside Your Availability in Arizona?

Introduction Like most states, Arizona is an at-will employment state, which means that the employment agreement can be severed or altered by the employer

Can My Employer Disclose My Medical Information To Other Employees?

Information There are a number of federal laws that protect against the disclosure of employee medical information in the workplace. While the language of

What Does OSHA Stand For And What Do They Do?

Introduction The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is responsible for setting and enforcing workplace safety and health standards in the United States. The

My Company is Closing. What are My Rights?

Introduction Under “at-will” employment laws (which apply in every state except Montana), the employment agreement between an employer and an employee is voluntary for

Penalty For FMLA Violation

The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a federal employment law that allows eligible employees of covered employers to take unpaid, job-protected leave for

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