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Employee Rights

Can you sue your employer for emotional distress?

For many people, stress in the workplace is simply unavoidable. Whether it’s an overbearing boss, grueling hours, or awful coworkers, it’s safe to say that everyone has to deal with some level of unsavory business at work. However, while routine ...
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Employee Confidentiality Rights

Employee confidentiality rights are an increasingly controversial legal topic. On the one hand, federal and state law protect an individual’s right to privacy (even though the US Constitution is a little vague on personal privacy). On the other hand, businesses ...
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Basic Employee Rights

It may not feel like you have many rights when you’re stuck working mandatory overtime over the weekend, but every employee in the United States is guaranteed certain rights and protections by state and federal law. A reprieve from mandatory ...
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Can You Sue a Company For Emotional Distress?

Emotional distress is defined as a state of mental suffering that is the result of an extreme situation. Common examples of mental suffering include depression, suicidal thoughts, panic attacks, and anxiety. Successful emotional distress cases are typically filed by victims ...
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Employee Misclassification

There are two common types of employee misclassification: An employer wrongfully labels an employee as an independent contractor An employer wrongfully labels an hourly employee as salaried in order to avoid overtime and off-the-clock compensation Employee misclassification allows an employer ...
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Small Business Employee Rights

All businesses with 15 or more employees are subject to federal labor laws. The standards and regulations from these federal laws are enforced by the Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD), and the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ...
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Part Time Employee Rights

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics defines part-time employees as those who work less than 35 hours per week. Other than that distinction, for the most part the federal government does not distinguish between full-time and part-time employment. In their ...
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5 Rights of Employees

We are all afforded certain rights by the federal government. When it comes to rights of an employee in the workplace, there are a number of federal laws to protect employees against mistreatment. The US Department of Labor (DOL) is ...
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