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Are Foster Children Covered Under FMLA?

Introduction Foster parents provide a safe and temporary home for children in need of support and stability. Regardless of age, foster children need time

Can You Get a Job with a Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona?

Introduction The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act was passed by voters in 2010 by a narrow margin of just over 50 percent. Since then, more

Can an Employer Make You Use Sick Days for Vacation Days in Arizona?

Introduction On July 1, 2017, Arizona’s mandatory paid sick-leave law went into effect. According to The Arizona Republic, the law mandates as many as

What Should I do If My Employer Didn’t Pay Me for All the Hours I Worked?

Introduction Employees often make the mistake of assuming that the numbers on their paycheck are correct. After all, businesses have accounting teams in place

Can an Employer Require a Doctor’s Note to Return to Work?

Introduction Approximately 58 percent of employees between the ages of 18 and 30 took up to five sick days in the previous year, according

The Most Common Grounds to “Sue” an Employer

Introduction Employees expect a safe work environment in which they are respected and treated fairly. Employers are legally required to provide a safe environment

Can Your Boss Force You to Work When You Are Sick?

Introduction Most employees have ventured into the workplace when sick. From a minor cold to an allergy flare-up, it’s not uncommon to continue working

Coronavirus and Employment Rights

Introduction At JacksonWhite Law, our hearts go out to those affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Along with worrying about the health and safety

Seasonal Jobs in Arizona

While there are employment laws in place for employee protection, the specific rights you get are determined by your job status. Most often, your

Can Pre-Employment Drug Tests be Supervised in Arizona?

Introduction Arizona employers can require that you take a drug test to qualify for employment but aren’t obligated to request one. If taking a

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