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Arizona Laws

What Is Considered Full-Time Employment In Arizona?

If you are working in the state of Arizona, your rights as an employee are protected by state and federal law. Both the Arizona legislature and the federal government have enacted laws that guarantee fair treatment of workers, minimum wages, ...
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Can an Employer Fire You for Your Political Views in Arizona?

It is considered discrimination to fire an employee based on gender, race, religion, age, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, and physical or mental disability. However, there is often some confusion as to whether employment discrimination also covers political views. ...
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Coronavirus and Employment Rights

At JacksonWhite Law, our hearts go out to those affected by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). Along with worrying about the health and safety of themselves and their loved ones, Americans are wondering what impact the pandemic could have on their ...
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Working During a State of Emergency

Can your manager make you come into work during a state of emergency? Arizona is an “at will” employment state, meaning your employer can fire you for any reason apart from discrimination. This includes terminating your employment because you didn’t ...
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What are the Sick Leave Laws in Arizona?

Over 58% of Arizona voters cast a vote in favor of Proposition 206 (AZ Prop 206) in November 2016. Though heavily contested, the Fair Wages and Healthy Families Act was ultimately affirmed by the Arizona Supreme Court. As a result, ...
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Arizona Labor Laws

With all the time we spend at work, it’s no surprise that employment law is such a major issue in the United States. There’s unfortunately no shortage of employers out there looking for opportunities to cheat their employees to save ...
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Arizona Right to Work Laws

Unions, organized labor, and employment issues are a hot topic right now in American politics. Issues such as the minimum wage and right to work laws have been at the forefront of the public debate, especially since the recession in ...
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