Community Association Law in Arizona

Now, find all your homeowners association needs under one roof.

It’s time for community association law to be more than collection and demand letters. Every community association is different and the JacksonWhite Community Association legal team works together to service the unique needs of each one. Let us show you the convenience of working with a law firm that meets all your needs under one roof.

Community associations go by a  number of names, including homeowners associations, common interest communities, planned communities, and condominium associations. Associations vary, but their underlying purpose is always to preserve the nature and value of their community. We are here to help associations with all their legal needs.

At JacksonWhite, our attorneys have a thorough comprehension of the laws affecting homeowners associations. We recognize that residents are expected to abide by their community’s CC&R’s and that HOA boards must work to maintain a safe, sustainable community. We also realize that disputes may arise. Legal services include:

  • Mediation services for resolving issues between HOAs and homeowners without the expense and time in court
  • CC&R enforcement and defense
  • Collections of delinquent assessments and fines
  • Guidance on state and federal laws governing associations
  • CC&R amendments

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