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Foreclosure & Trustee Legal Services in Mesa, Arizona

At JacksonWhite we have qualified and experienced Arizona foreclosure attorneys who focus their practice on foreclosure and trustee services. During the foreclosure process, the stakes are high for everybody involved. Whether you are a borrower trying to avoid default, a buyer trying to acquire an affordable place to live, or a lender looking for efficiencies, it is important to speak with someone knowledgeable about Arizona foreclosures to help guide you through the process.

The Foreclosure Process

With every foreclosure, there are contingencies and unexpected events that can arise. Consequently, even informed borrowers, buyers, sellers and lenders many times feel unqualified to make important decisions necessary to successfully navigate through the foreclosure process. Our foreclosure attorneys understand foreclosure from every angle and can provide sound advice and effective representation throughout the process; from before default, to after the Trustee’s Sale.

Foreclosure & Trustee Services

Title Litigation

Foreclosure Process Advisement

Background Title Work

Bidding & Purchasing

Fair Market Hearings

Loan Modifications

Settlement Agreements

Deeds-in-Lieu of Foreclosure

Determinations of Post Sell Possession/Eviction

Bankruptcy Representation

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Foreclosure is a daunting situation for all parties involved. At JacksonWhite we are committed to determining the needs of each client and developing a plan specific for their case.”

Roger Foote JacksonWhite Managing Partner

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Our team is dedicated to the service of our clients and understanding their individual needs.

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We offer the first-rate services of a larger firm, with the dedication and personalized attention of a smaller one.


We’ve successfully represented clients in a range of employment disputes for nearly 30 years.

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Why should I hire a foreclosure attorney?

For borrowers, sometimes recruiting a foreclosure attorney makes the difference between walking away empty handed and remaining in their home. Likewise, for buyers, a foreclosure attorney might make the difference between acquiring a great home at a great price, and losing the home to a higher bidder. And, lastly, for lenders, appointing a foreclosure attorney as Trustee can provide confidence that the Trustee’s Sale will move forward effectively and efficiently.

We have many years of experience helping property owners in varying circumstances. Here are some additional related legal services we provide:

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The JacksonWhite Foreclosure & Trustee Attorney

trustee attorney

Roger Foote

JacksonWhite Shareholder

Roger Foote is a dedicated and thorough attorney. He prides himself on providing the best service to his clients through his experience and commitment to understanding each aspect of a case. His meticulous work ethic allows him to stand out in the legal field.

What our clients are saying

My attorney attended to every issue in a timely manner and he did what he needed to be done. Very happy with my experience.

A.S., Scottsdale

Mr. Foote was very helpful and timely in his responses to my questions regarding my case. I appreciated his service and efficiency.


Roger Foote was honest and prompt. He gave me really great advice. He held my hand through the process without completely taking over.

P.R., Gilbert, AZ

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