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Rewards Far Outweigh the Risks of Aviation

Rewards Far Outweigh the Risks of Aviation Economically strong communities don’t just happen by chance. They thrive  because individuals turn personal interests and passions into profitable  businesses that provide jobs, tax revenues and community support. Successful  communities accept and manage the risks related to business to benefit from the  resulting prosperity. Recent high-profile aviation accidents in our area have prompted…

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Disputes & Litigation

Income & Estate Tax Audits Most people have some anxiety about the possibility of having their tax returns audited.  And while less than 2 percent of taxpayers are actually audited each year, those who are can be inconvenienced, if not offended, by the intrusive nature of audits.  Most of those who are audited do not understand their rights, and thus…

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Planning & Compliance

The Business Life Cycle The Business Life Cycle means starting, then running a business, and finally implementing an exit strategy whether by sale, liquidation or passing the business to a family member or employee. Each step should involve the input from a legal professional. The first stage of any business is obviously establishment. Creating a proper foundation at this stage…

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