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Tax and Human Resources Planning in Arizona

Our practice focuses on planning and disputes facing individuals, businesses, and employers harmonizing tax, human resources, business transactions, and estate planning disciplines.

Formally trained as a tax attorneys can delve into the key areas affecting businesses, their owners, and employers on a daily basis.
Tax attorneys can assist businesses and business owners in planning and implementing business organizations and transactions, compliance with government regulations, and in resolving disputes regarding compensation, tax and human resources issues.

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Tax & HR Legal Services

Tax Debt Resolution

Unpaid taxes can raise a host of problems for taxpayers.  A knowledgeable professional can assist taxpayers find a solution that fits their specific circumstances.

Business Transactions

Every business changes over time.  The process of combining and dividing businesses can be complex.  Tax and liability issues take a prominent role in driving how one structures such transactions.

Human Resources and Planning

Focusing on planning and compliance issues early in the business formation process can help minimize the potential risk of HR complications down the line. A knowledgeable human resources and compliance attorney can assist in this process.

Taxation: Estate, Income, & Property

Taxes are inevitable in this life, but the do not need to be overly burdensome. An experienced tax attorney can help minimize the amount of taxes you pay.

Arizona Tax and Compliance Tools

Over the years, we have found that business owners and others need assistance in managing tax, employment, benefits and other regulatory disciplines but may not know who to talk to about these important questions.

Even people with established advisers sometimes do not have a clear picture of all the regulatory disciplines and related potential disputes that are most likely to affect them and their businesses.

We hope that the information on this website will give you an idea of key issues that may affect your business, and in some instances, your personal affairs, as well as some basic information about how to consider an approach to appropriate solutions.

If you find that you would like more information, please call us so that we can discuss your questions and get your on the right track. We look forward to serving you.

We have many years of experience helping with tax and HR issues in varying circumstances. Here are some of our most popular tools:

  • Personal and business tax appeals
  • Charitable organization tax planning
  • Compensation plans and methods
  • Income and estate tax audits

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