Orleans Sheriff’s deputies, Ethan Criddle and Matthew Scott, were arrested within one day of each other this week on unrelated domestic abuse charges. Both are being accused of beating women that live with them.

Records filed in Orleans Parish Criminal District Court state that 25 year old Ethan Criddle was booked January 13 on charges of domestic abuse battery involving strangulation.  Charges stemming from a January 4th incident in which police arrived at a New Orleans residences to find a women who told them that she had been attacked and beaten by Criddle. According to her Criddle had been living with her for the past six months as her boyfriend.

The woman told police that Criddle had locked her in a bathroom, attempted to strangle her and then repeatedly punched her in the face, back, stomach, and the top of the head while her three young children were asleep in the next room.

A warrant for Ethan Criddle’s arrest was made that night but he was not arrested until nine days later. He was arrested on charges of theft and domestic abuse battery; his bond was set at $30,000.

The incident involving 27 year old Matthew Scott stemmed from an argument between him and his girl friend over who made the most money in their relationship. Scott became enraged and shoved his girlfriend to the ground and repeatedly kicked her in the side until she was able to escape. At which point Scott began throwing all of her possessions into the street.

Scott has been suspended from being a Deputy while Criddle, who had been suspended previously for a separate Domestic abuse incident, was fired Thursday.

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