Just after Garnett Spears was checked into Maria Fareri Children’s Hospital doctors were concerned at the child’s salt levels. The child had already been seen by 2 hospitals, and the child’s situation was raising speculation of child abuse. Lacey Spears, the mother, was stopped in the hall by a doctor who explained to her it was not metabolically possible for her son’s body to produce the salt level reported by Nyack Hospital. Although internally, Maria Fareri Hospital was watching out for child abuse, the word did not leave the hospital. Usual protocol is to contact authorities and issue monitored visiting times when there is suspicion of child abuse. It wasn’t until Garnett’s body had nearly shut down two days later that police were contacted.

The Two Days

During those two days Lacey Spears was given complete access to her son. The mother posted pictures with her five year old to her social media. This wasn’t the first time Lacey utilized her phone. Prosecutors say that Lacey had researched the effects of salt on a child’s body and then texted a neighbor to dispose of a bag that had once contained salt she used to feed her child.

Caught on Tape

What is very shocking is what the hospital has captured on tape. The surveillance was set up to monitor his brain activity and watch for seizures; instead it caught Spears killing her son. At the beginning of the video, Garnett seems to be recovering and healthy. The defendant then takes her child to the bathroom multiple times. Each time she is spotted carrying a cup containing liquid and the connector to his gastric tube.

Once Garnett returns to the bed, his health is altered and the video displays the young boy in severe pain. This pain did not stop Spears trips to the bathroom. Even if her child could not stand up by himself, she would usher him into the bathroom. The trips to the bathroom and EEG machine level directly relate to one another. With each visit, the child’s sodium level goes up, reaching a life-threatening point.Spears pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and first-degree manslaughter at Westchester County jail.

Child Abuse in Arizona

According to Arizona State Law 13-3623 abuse of a child, any individual under the age of 18, is illegal. Anyone who intentional causes or allows physical injury to a child can face felony charges.

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