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Getting a divorce is emotionally exhausting and can become a complicated legal battle.  If you’ve had one, you know that no matter what happens in the end that you’ve learned whole lot from what you went through.

This experience can definitely help a friend that is going through a similar situation.  The Huffington Post gave eight tips on how divorcés can help their friends getting a divorce.


If your friend does not want to hear advice, don’t give it.  It can come off as judgmental or critical if it is unsolicited. Wait until she asks for it and the advice given should focus on your personal experience.

Divorce Scenarios

It can help to give divorce scenarios that are similar to the one that your friend is going through.  For example, explaining what you wished would’ve happened or saying which resources you used that were extremely helpful would benefit your friend.


Ask your friend if she would like any divorce resources that you found to be useful.  It’s difficult to find out which resources and people will actually understand and help your case, thus, your connections might help.


Be there for your friend and make sure she has time to be pampered.  Whether that’s giving her a gift card for a massage or taking her kids for an hour, giving her time to calm down and get collected will help relieve stress during the divorce.


The holidays can be extremely tough for new divorcés.  If you could remember to send a card to her during the holidays or make sure the kids buy her a mother’s day card, it could make those holidays more cheery.


If your friend feels like venting, let her vent.  She needs to let out some steam and it’s better for her to verbally let out her emotions.


Eating right and taking supplements can make a world of difference in how we feel.  Supporting your friend in eating well and suggesting calming supplements would help your friend to be healthy and ease stress.

Divorce Wisdom

Telling your friend wisdom from others, such as “This too shall pass,” can also show your friend that she is not alone going through this and many other women have experienced the same thing.


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